Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Go buy a pick up

Tired of vaccuming out potting soil from the back seat of your Lexus after you've spent two hundred dollars at the nursery? Me too.

Really, I jest. I drive an old beater Toyota and for good reason. I can throw anything I want into the bed and drive off on my merry way. I've saved a lot of money buying soil in bulk by putting it in my truck. It's a fun trip to the soil and mulch yards and your kids will love it. You can go to the giant rocks yards, hand pick the rocks for your new retaining wall or kitchen herb garden, and toss them into the truck. You save a lot of money buying in bulk and you can swing by Home Depot on the way home and toss those four by fours in the back as well.

If you buy an old beater like mine, you don't have to spend that much and you won't worry about the dings and dents you'll get at the rock yard when that bulldozer backs into you.

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