Friday, May 28, 2010

Lady's Mantle in every garden

Lady's mantle or alchemilla is one of my favorite garden perennials. It's one of those plants that can be paired with just about anything like a good table wine-it looks great in a flower bed, on its own, or in front of something a little taller and more dramatic since it doesn't get too large. I really like it planted at the base of a pretty patio tree like witch hazel, a vine maple, or a star magnolia. The simple chartreuse spring flowers look lovely against almost anything. And that way you get to see one of its best assets-dew that collects on the gorgeous scalloped leaves. On a cool spring day the droplets will stick around all day providing a great backdrop for pixies and other playful miniature garden sprites.

Lady's mantle likes to stay moist and it's best suited to bright areas of the garden while avoiding noon sun and heat. Plant it in a place that gets lots of morning sun and dappled shade in the heat of summer.

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