Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Itchius Maximus or Poison-oak

Poison oak or toxicodendron diversilobum is not to be messed with. Here in Portland you can find it in the forests cozying up underneath a Doug fir or in some other shady spot. It also happens to be in my parents backyard where my dad and his landscaper had a bit of a scuffle with it (yes, the plant won round one). Now that it's been identified it's going to face the firing squad-first a splash of weed killer and then death by shovel. If you're thinking this is cruel, think again. Besides giving you a nasty, blistering rash it's a heck of a plant to rip out due to it's tough rootstock system and the fact that you have to avoid having any of it come into contact with your skin.

If you happen to notice it creeping into your yard get rid of it quickly before it matures and no, cutting it down to the ground every year won't stop it. Get it before it gets you.

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