Thursday, June 10, 2010

A secret garden

There is so much commotion in our lives that it infects every aspect of our soul. No matter where you turn there seems to be a mouthpiece, a loud voice telling you what you should do or what you shouldn't do. The garden world is no exception. But it should be. Your garden is your garden. It's your sanctuary, and let it be. Don't let the loud mouths tell you what to do. We have so little now that is private and quiet and sacred. Consider creating a secret, quiet garden.

It doesn't have to be big-in fact, it could be small. A little corner or a north facing path. Experiment, or not. Make it your own. Don't tell anyone about it. Let it be a favorite sword fern and a mossy rock. Or just a little area that you like. It doesn't have to look like a magazine shoot. Maybe it's already created-maybe you just like the way the sweet woodruff mingles with the bleeding heart. Perhaps you appreciate the way that weeping cherry is a little bare up top because the birds land on it time and again. A lovely garden isn't always picture perfect. It represents what is happening in your yard, the interaction between flora and fauna-the worn look of footsteps on a path can be deeply pleasing because it suggests the presence of people without ever seeing anyone. Do yourself a favor, and watch that jay swawk at you and dive bomb a chickadee-but don't tell anyone. Keep it to yourself and let it be yours to savor.

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