Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tom Lamb's Hummingbird Crossing

My husband took me to a place called "Hummingbird Crossing" near Walla Walla, Wa last year when we took a trip out to visit my alma mater and sip some great wine. If you love hummingbirds you must consider visiting this magical place that is a tribute to a spouse that has passed.

Tom Lamb's house at first just seems like an ordinary country house until you park, wander into the yard and notice hummingbird feeder after hummingbird feeder. We sat for a half hour watching quietly in the front yard before we were summoned to come join Tom and friends along the side of the house which is where the action awaited us.

Several chairs were set up in front of a stand that held about twenty or so hummingbird feeders and the thing was buzzing with hummingbirds-they were everywhere. Many more feeders surrounded us, but clearly this was the central viewing station. We sat and watched the birds jockeying for position until sunset when they reach their fullest numbers before they settle in for the night. If you do happen to visit, make sure you schedule your visit so that you can be there around sunset-or a little before. And if you're lucky, one of the little guys will take a break and land on your shoulder.

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