Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Try gardening instead of dinner on your first date

For some reason I have a preponderance of divorced, single male friends (what can I say, I've always been one of the guys) and they're always complaining about the difficulty of meeting women. Hmm. Let's see. You go to the same place every night and you play darts with your buddies in a dark corner of a English pub frequented more by stumbling incomprehensible Brits than pretty single girls. Once in a great while one of my friends actually manages to go on a date and they ask me, "What to do?" Dinner, yes, a movie maybe, but why not do something different like gardening on your first date?

Gardening is a great first date. You get to interact and talk but you aren't just sitting across the table staring at one another desperately trying to think of something witty to say or listening to her complaining about her limp beans. You might even get to brush up against her arm while handing her some potting soil. Help her plant a container for herbs (that you can later cook with on your fifth date), plant some vegetables or some of her favorite flowers. Don't have a garden? Go to one. Haven't met a girl yet? Sign up for a gardening class. Gardening is sexy and if she can't handle a little dirt on your upper lip when you lean in for a kiss then dump her!

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