Thursday, July 1, 2010

Burnet: a happy little addition to the herb garden

Parsely, sage, rosemary and thyme-all rock stars in the herb garden-but why not try something a little different like burnet. Impress your friends by sprinkling a little crushed burnet into their salad and watch as they dig around with their forks looking for a cucumber. Imagine their astonishment when they alas, find none.

Burnet has a unique, fresh cucumber flavor that's great in anything that calls for cukes-raita, salad, a cucumber martini for those warm summer nights. It's also a delightfully symmetrical plant with a tidy character for you neat freaks. Go on, get out of your little herb rut and try something new. I know I should.


  1. romans used to put a few leaves in their red wine to make it not taste so rancid. works wonders with 2 buck chuck as well.

    also, it stays somewhat evergreen in portland. so thats nice...

  2. Interesting! I'll give it a try (although I tend to rely more on my wine bottle vacuum pump).