Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stewartia-a nearly perfect tree

Stewartia looks great in any garden, but because of its tidy nature, widely spaced branches and fantastic orange bark it looks especially nice, I think, in a tidy garden with an Asian or woodland theme.  This stewartia was planted in a friend's yard about 15 years ago and it just keeps getting better and better.  The bark has matured into a really pretty orange/brown mosaic, and the branches fan out in a really lovely horizontal display.

The only problem I noticed is that the upper leaves burnt in the heat of summer when the tree was younger although I don't notice much burning anymore.  Either the tree has adapted or the sun has changed in that spot.  This one is under-planted with cyclamen and moss and it looks great in the fall when the cyclamen bloom and the leaves turn.

Because it loves the rain and our acid soil it's a pretty easy tree to grow-just make sure you find the perfect spot for it in a bright sunny area with some late afternoon shade.  

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