Monday, August 23, 2010

You say hazelnut, I say filbert

Did you know the majority of American grown hazelnuts are grown right here in Oregon?  The hazelnut tree is one of the smallest nut trees and if you have a large enough yard you may want to grown your own.  (However, you may be cursing yourself as you mow up hundreds of hazelnuts and destroy your lawn mower if you don't rake or collect them in the fall).  Some of the best varieties can be purchased at One Green World Nursery here in Oregon: Santiam, Yamhill, Delta, Gamma.
Harry Lauder's Walking Stick

Or maybe you don't want to deal with the mess consider the more petite Contorted Filbert (that grows a tidy, compact 6-8 feet) also known as "Harry Lauder's Walking Stick."  Who the heck, you ask, is Harry Lauder?  Only one of the world's most well-paid singer/stage performer during the WWII era.  And why is a contorted hazelnut tree named after this Scottish dude who sang cheesy songs?  Because of a twisted walking stick he used during some of his dance numbers.  Go figure, stranger plant names are out there: red hot poker, naked ladies, mugwort, greasy beans...


  1. One of our neighbors has a hazelnut tree, about 1/3 of it is over a corner of our backyard. It's beautiful...and I would love to be able to harvest a few of the nuts. But those darn squirrels beat us to it!

  2. If you manage to beat the squirrels to a few, I just had some tasty grilled romaine lettuce spears with a balsalmic vinegar reduction, gorgonzola sprinkles and roasted hazelnuts. Yum! Who would've thought to grill lettuce?